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House Keeping Services

House Keeping Services

Our Housekeeping Services guarantees speckles maintenance of your home and office premises, bringing in hygiene by scientific approach and best in class housekeeping service processes from small office complexes to large open spaces like party lawns, roof tops, pool areas and much more. With over a decade experience in serving the clients and our combination of the best Manpower (i.e., housekeepers), Chemicals and Equipments has helped us getting more clients month by month from academic, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, manufacturing and health services industries.We pride ourselves on providing efficient and professional housekeeping services, suited to respond to the individual and professional needs of our clients. Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the home and work environment of every client through a collaborative approach is our Goal.

Our Services Include:

➤ Sweep, scrub and mopping on daily basis.
➤ Empty and clean trash containers.
➤ Clean wash basins, mirrors, tubs and showers.
➤ Wipe down glass surfaces.
➤ Deodorize rooms & bathrooms
➤ Wash windows and corridors as scheduled.
➤ Operate mechanized cleaning equipments
➤ Clean metal fixtures and fittings.
➤ Remove garbage and empty dustbins & ashtrays.
➤ Dusting all surfaces, furniture, appliances, equipment, knick knacks
➤ Polish all wood surfaces, Remove cobwebs from ceilings and other surfaces
➤ Maintain all cleaning equipments and materials in a safe and sanitary working condition.
➤ Monitor and report necessary domestic repairs & replacements.